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The question we have to ask ourselves is: have we as individuals, despite the technological progress and material abundance, become better and happier people?  Have we become more loving, caring and responsible?  The answer unfortunately, is no.  Technology has enabled us to produce more and better goods, but it has not at all improved the well-being of our families and communities.  Even though our knowledge of the physical world has increased tremendously, we remain ignorant of life's spiritual dimension.  The hatred that separates people, nations and races is the same as it always has been. 

It is good for us to dream of the eternal, but it is even more important that we understand how to eradicate evil and advance goodness in the context of our own life in todayís reality.  In other words, what you should fear most is not the judgment that will come in the Last Days, but whether you are living each moment of your daily life in oneness with Godís Will.  You should be concerned about how your life intersects with the course of Godís Will.  The truth is that the circumstances of our families, societies, nations and world do not align with our will. Therefore, we find ourselves dealing with all manners of difficulties, and we struggle back and forth across the turning point between good and evil.

Every single day we prepare and struggle to triumph over our circumstances.  Even in terms of our daily schedules, we often experience that we cannot do all the things that we planned to do in the morning.  This is all the more the case as we take on a greater public role. We find that we need proportionally greater determination and driving force in order to conclude each day of our lives with victory. The days add up to become months, then years. Ultimately, they add up to form our entire life. 

While living on this earth, neither we nor anyone in history can escape the confines of time.  Individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world move within one realm of time.  Each person has a certain purpose to fulfill during the course of his or her life. A person will strive for ten years, twenty years, or an entire lifetime in pursuit of this purpose. The larger the purpose, the stronger must be the personís internal resolution and dedication. To accomplish his or her purpose, a person must possess an internal determination strong enough to overcome any adversity. 

You may not understand about the spirit world. When people cross over into that world, those who lived for the sake of others according to Godís heavenly laws and principles will enter Heaven, while those who lived selfishly and only for themselves cannot avoid going to hell.  What is heaven?  Heaven is a kingdom of peace.  It is where the original ideal of creation that God purposed from the beginning is completed.  It is the true homeland all human beings must seek and find. 

We are descendants of Adam and Eve, who were expelled from the original homeland as a result of the Fall.  Therefore, it is our destiny to return to and re-enter that original homeland.  However, we cannot enter there by human effort alone. It is possible to enter only because God has worked through history to enable fallen human beings to go there. God established various religions, suited to each peoplesí diverse cultures and traditions, to guide humanity.  Religion, however, only trains people to acquire the qualifications. To actually bring us to this higher dimension, God is now leading humanity above and beyond the cultural backgrounds of the various world religions, towards a single unified religious world. 

All religions teach their followers to live for the sake of others because their purpose is to prepare their people to live in the original homeland. Living for the sake of others is the essence of true love. To train us in this way of life, religions give highest priority to the practice of meekness and humility. They teach us to place other people above ourselves and to live for their benefit. They teach sacrifice and service.

This website is but a first step to finding and achieving true and lasting happiness.  Once you discover for yourself the priceless wisdom for new life contained within these pages, please contact us to learn how you can continue on your path and realize your most cherished dreams.  We at Ten Biggest Myths are committed to sharing the entirety of the new truth with anyone interested in taking the necessary steps to powerfully begin a new life centered on the freedom of their conscience and the guidance of God's truth and love.


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