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What often prevents good people from finding true happiness is the fact that as human beings we are led to believe that happiness comes as a result of reaching certain milestones of success within the status quo faithfully maintained by the "matrix" of our culture, society and world.  This is not to mention those few, especially fortunate ones, who are able to achieve extraordinary success beyond what so-called ordinary people even imagine as possible for themselves.  The surprising truth is that no matter how much success an individual, family, or nation achieves, everyone is confronted by doubts about whether or not their life has true purpose and makes any real and lasting difference to others. 

People often struggle about the meaning of life and whether or not they are truly loved.  Many people are curious whether there is, in fact, life after death.  In sum, everyone is struggling to find true and lasting happiness.  Conscientious people look at the world around them and see untold examples of corruption, social injustice, immorality, human suffering, greed, conflict and selfishness. 

People often wonder: will it ever be possible to uproot the evil of this world and live in peace, happiness and harmony with people of every race, culture, religion, and nation?  Unfortunately, a great number of people resort to alcohol, drugs, immorality, and material greed as an escape from the conflicts that arise within their conscience as a result of the confusion and corruption of today's world.  Others are simply resigned that social injustice will always persist and that their life will never really matter.

Ten Biggest Myths is a tool for revealing and debunking current myths about the society, culture and world which, when examined, open a new horizon of opportunity for living one's life with new dedication and purpose.  For those already dedicated to furthering the work of God's providence, there are new discoveries about how God is working in the Last Days which are not yet known to the world-at-large.

The process of empowering individuals, groups and families to liberate themselves from the false promises of the status quo as well as the immoral tendencies of the popular culture allows a person to re-examine the purpose and direction of their lives and powerfully take action to chart a new course.  Discover for yourself the fulfillment and joy which await those who have the courage to redefine the good life as a life dedicated to the will of God and building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


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